Research, Engineering, and Development

AGS TechNet specializes in research and development focused on adaptive, reactive, and autonomous software systems. We are extending the state of the art of advanced autonomous systems. In this pursuit, we develop artificial intelligence or "AI" tools.

What is meant by "AI tools"? When we refer to AI tools, we mean any type of language, component, or application that enables or builds upon advanced software applications and systems that provide complex 'intelligent' capabilties. Example tools are parsers, problem solvers, heuristic search algorithms, AI programming languages, knowledge representation tools, automated reasoners, ontologies, neural networks, and more. Example AI applications are natural language processing systems, rule-based production systems, expert systems, hybrid systems or any general system with AI components. Here is a sample list.

AI Component and System Categories

  • Agent Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Cognitive Architectures
  • Inference Engines
  • Knowledge Acquisition Tools
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Ontologies
  • Bayes Nets
  • Neural Nets
  • Machine Learning (Classifier)
  • Natural Language Processing Component
  • Parsers
  • Corpora
  • Natural Language Processing Systems
  • Rule engines
  • Search Algorithms
  • Heuristic search
  • Genetic algorithms