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Gecko adhesion technology moves closer to industrial uses

Science Daily AI - 14 hours 59 min ago
While human-made devices inspired by gecko feet have emerged in recent years, enabling their wearers to slowly scale a glass wall, the possible applications of gecko-adhesion technology go far beyond Spiderman-esque antics. A researcher is looking into how the technology could be applied in a high-precision industrial setting, such as in robot arms used in manufacturing computer chips.

Engineers create artificial graphene in a nanofabricated semiconductor structure

Science Daily AI - Tue, 2017-12-12 16:41
Experts at manipulating matter at the nanoscale have made an important breakthrough in physics and materials science. They have engineered "artificial graphene" by recreating, for the first time, the electronic structure of graphene in a semiconductor device.

Ashvin Swaminathan to Receive 2018 Morgan Prize

AMS Feed - Sun, 2017-12-10 22:00

Ashvin Anand Swaminathan, a PhD student at Princeton University, is the recipient of the 2018 AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student for his exceptional research in algebraic geometry, number theory, and combinatorics, which has appeared in numerous well-regarded professional level journals. (Photo: Chris Smith.)

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Insights on fast cockroaches can help teach robots to walk

Science Daily AI - Fri, 2017-12-08 07:55
Scientists show for the first time that fast insects can change their gait -- like a mammal's transition from trot to gallop. These new insights could contribute to making the locomotion of robots more energy efficient.

Vi Hart and Matt Parker to Receive 2018 JPBM Communication Awards

AMS Feed - Thu, 2017-12-07 22:00

Vi Hart and Matt Parker will each receive the 2018 Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM) Communication Award on January 13 at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego. (Photo of Vi Hart: M Eifler, 2017 (CC by 4.0). Photo of Matt Parker: Steve Ullathorne.)

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Four Mathematicians Win New Horizons Prizes

AMS Feed - Tue, 2017-12-05 22:00

Aaron Naber, Northwestern University, Maryna Viazovska, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Zhiwei Yun, Yale University, and Wei Zhang, MIT and Columbia University, received New Horizons in Mathematics Prizes. Aaron Naber and Maryna Viazovska each received \$100,000, while Zhiwei Yun and Wei Zhang will share their \$100,000 prize. Aaron Naber is a member of the 2018 class of AMS Fellows, chosen for contributions to differential geometry, particularly to manifolds with bounds on Ricci curvature. The New Horizons in Mathematics Prize is awarded to promising early-career researchers who have already produced important work in mathematics. The prizes are funded by a grant from Mark Zuckerberg’s fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and a grant from the Milner Foundation. See all 2018 prize winners.

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Sylvain Cappell to Receive 2018 Award for Distinguished Public Service

AMS Feed - Tue, 2017-12-05 22:00

Sylvain Cappell, Julius Silver Professor of Mathematics at New York University (NYU), will receive the 2018 AMS Award for Distinguished Public Service for his remarkable mentoring of talented young mathematicians, his dedication to protecting human rights, and his extraordinary involvement in outreach. (Photo courtesy of the Simons Foundation.)

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New algorithm repairs corrupted digital images in one step

Science Daily AI - Tue, 2017-12-05 12:48
Computer scientists have designed a new algorithm that incorporates artificial neural networks to simultaneously apply a wide range of fixes to corrupted digital images. The researchers tested their algorithm by taking high-quality, uncorrupted images, purposely introducing severe degradations, then using the algorithm to repair the damage. In many cases, the algorithm outperformed competitors' techniques, very nearly returning the images to their original state.

New robots can see into their future

Science Daily AI - Mon, 2017-12-04 14:23
Researchers have developed a robotic learning technology that enables robots to imagine the future of their actions so they can figure out how to manipulate objects they have never encountered before. In the future, this technology could help self-driving cars anticipate future events on the road and produce more intelligent robotic assistants in homes, but the initial prototype focuses on learning simple manual skills entirely from autonomous play.

How can humans keep the upper hand on artificial intelligence?

Science Daily AI - Mon, 2017-12-04 07:49
Researchers have shown how human operators can maintain control over a system comprising several agents that are guided by artificial intelligence.

Helping hands guide robots as they learn

Science Daily AI - Mon, 2017-12-04 07:49
Researchers help humans and robots collaborate by enabling real-time interactions that modify a robot's path to its goal. The study will help robots make the transition from structured factory floors to interactive tasks like rehabilitation, surgery and training programs in which environments are less predictable.

Hacon and McKernan win 2018 Breakthrough Prize

AMS Feed - Sun, 2017-12-03 22:00

The 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics was awarded to Christopher Hacon (far left) and James McKernan (left) for transformational contributions to birational algebraic geometry, especially to the minimal model program in all dimensions. Both Hacon and McKernan are AMS members and were jointly awarded the 2009 Cole Prize in Algebra and the 2016 E. H. Moore Research Article Prize. Additionally, Hacon was a 2006-2007 Centennial Fellow.

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Judea Pearl to Receive Inaugural Ulf Grenander Prize in Stochastic Theory and Modeling

AMS Feed - Sun, 2017-12-03 22:00

Judea Pearl will receive the 2018 Ulf Grenander Prize in Stochastic Theory and Modeling for the invention of a model-based approach to probabilistic and causal reasoning, for the discovery of innovative tools for inferring these models from observations, and for the development of novel computational methods for the practical applications of these models. (Photo: UCLA Engineering.)

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Robot learning improves student engagement

Science Daily AI - Fri, 2017-12-01 08:40
Online students who use the innovative robots feel more engaged and connected to the instructor and students in the classroom, the first-ever study of a pioneering robot-learning course shows.

Karen Hunger Parshall to Receive 2018 Whiteman Prize

AMS Feed - Thu, 2017-11-30 22:00

Karen Hunger Parshall, University of Virginia, will receive the 2018 Albert Leon Whiteman Memorial Prize of the AMS for her outstanding work in the history of mathematics, and in particular, for her work on the evolution of mathematics in the USA and on the history of algebra, as well as for her substantial contribution to the international life of her discipline through students, editorial work, and conferences. (Photo: Bryan Parsons.)

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AMS Election Results

AMS Feed - Wed, 2017-11-29 22:00

Results of the 2017 AMS election have been announced. Jill C. Pipher, Brown University, was elected president. She will serve as president-elect beginning in 2018 and will begin her two-year term as AMS president in 2019. See all the election results.

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With 'material robotics,' intelligent products won't even look like robots

Science Daily AI - Wed, 2017-11-29 12:33
Robots as inconspicuous as they are ubiquitous represent the vision of researchers in the new and burgeoning field of material robotics.

Robert Guralnick to Receive 2018 Cole Prize in Algebra

AMS Feed - Tue, 2017-11-28 22:00

Robert Guralnick, University of Southern California (USC), will receive the 2018 Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra for his groundbreaking research on representation theory, cohomology, and subgroup structure of finite quasi-simple groups, and the wide-ranging applications of this work to other areas of mathematics.

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Artificial muscles give soft robots superpowers

Science Daily AI - Mon, 2017-11-27 13:21
Researchers have created origami-inspired artificial muscles that add strength to soft robots, allowing them to lift objects that are up to 1,000 times their own weight using only air or water pressure. Consisting of an inner 'skeleton' folded into a specific pattern and enclosed within a plastic or fabric 'skin' bag, these muscles can perform a greater variety of tasks and are safer than other models.

Henry Cohn to Receive the 2018 Conant Prize

AMS Feed - Sun, 2017-11-26 22:00

The 2018 Levi L. Conant Prize will be awarded to Henry Cohn for his article "A Conceptual Breakthrough in Sphere Packing," published in the February 2017 issue of the Notices of the AMS. (Photo courtesy of Mary Caisley.)

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